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Kitchen, Restaurants and other venues

Impress your guests. Your guests will have an amazing impression with the ideal design that is fitting for a culinary establishment.

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Living and Dining rooms

Show off you communal areas of your house to your quests by choosing from our huge selection of different colors.

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Offices and workspaces

Let us help you even in your workplace by creating a calm and relaxing environment suitable for productive work. Paintman provides- Commercial and Residential Painting New York Service.

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Family-oriented and Child-friendly places

Our Apartment Painting NYC Service will help you create your dream home that is a safe environment for children and satisfaction for a whole family.

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PAINTMAN – Office Painting Service NYC

Why do we need office painting service NYC? Scientists were discussing the issue of colors in office space for a long time. The latest researches confirmed the influence of color on the human psyche. The color we surround ourselves has its own properties and our commercial painter NYC knows about it.

The atmosphere in the office, its design and color scheme affect the productivity of the workers, their creativity and the desire to work. Even though the perception of colors and preferences is often a matter of individuality, when it comes to general rules and the influence of color on our psyche, we all react in a similar way. The influence of colors goes much deeper than our consciousness, it takes its origins from our original instincts, and those, in turn, are based on our human nature. Accordingly, the chosen color scheme for office painting service NYC can favorably influence the productivity of work. And vice versa, the bad combination of colors in the room causes irritation, exhaustion, and bad productivity.

Psycho-technical studies have proven that the color design of office space should be based on warm, light colors with a light saturation. Our commercial painter nyc knows how the color environment affects the activity of the workers. The right colors for office painting service NYC create a sense of warmth and purity and make the room more comfortable.

Our commercial painter nyc is convinced that the ceilings in the office should be preferably white, and the surface of the writing tables is best in bright and calm colors. It’s better not to use dark colors in office rooms (because they are depressing and tune in sadness and cold), as well as bright colors (they cause disturbance and distract attention). It is also not recommended to paint the whole interior of the office space in one color, as it leads to monotony. Our office painting service NYC tries to aim to diversity. And also commercial painter nyc recommends painting Corridors with a bit darker colors than office premises.

The choice of the color scheme of the interior for office painting service NYC depends to a large extent on the type of work that is performed as well as the personality of the people working there.

So, our office painting service NYC selected the main types of colors for office interior.

Our Commercial Painter NYC can offer you:

  • Pure colors. They are good in all the interiors that you need to refresh. The commercial painter nyc can use them as a color scheme of the walls or as an addition to white, gray and pastel, as well as mixed color type.
  • Mixed colors. These are the pairs of colors that can make some contrast or accents.
  • Pastel colors. These are clear, calm colors with a large white admixture. It looks particularly good in dark, tight and gloomy rooms. They can be used in halls, corridors, and office cabinets. Pastel colors will have a wonderful look in combination with pure colors.

So, if you are looking for office painting in New York and it is difficult for you to decide about the right color, our office painting service NYC is always ready to help you!


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Find the product you need in our range of quality paints from Profesional Painters


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Find the right color

High quality extensive collection of interior paints in over 4,000 colors

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Consider your room

Different colors have become popular for specific rooms due to their performance features and aesthetic qualities.

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Eco and natural product

Eco paints are improving all the time. Our Commercial Painting New York Service uses only the highest quality paint with zero emissions.

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Let us transform your space

Paintman has licensed and insured painting crews. Within 3-4 days, enjoy your on-time, in-budget paint job. We are one of the best Commercial Painting NYC Services, and we proud of it.

Your project with Paintman – Professional Office Painting Service NYC has never been this easy

Paintman provides for you the best Office Painting Service in NYC.

Here’s why Painman is the best solution for your project

Licensed and insured painting crews, certified for quality and professionalism

Fast, free consultation from choosing colors to scheduling and booking

High quality eco-friendly paints in over 4,000 colors for each customer

Full complete setup, preparation, and clean up your space after finish project

Dedicated project managers for a single point of contact and coordination

Flexible start dates and fast turn around times for your convenience

Safety & Security

We take your safety and peace of mind seriously. That’s why all of our Commercial Painters NYC are background checked, licensed and insured. We also back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we’re not done until you’re satisfied.

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