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Room painter NYC shares the basic secrets of painting process, its techniques and the importance of the right paint

Painting walls is considered to be an inexpensive and practical way of decorating and refreshing your home and that means that you need a good Room painter nyc. The process of painting requires minimal investment, but at the same time it gives the interior freshness, improves the general look of the house.  Our Room painter nyc is ready to do painting works wherever you want: in a bedroom, living room, hallway or kitchen.

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Our company is ready to offer you painting of high quality and the useful life of this cover will be definitely more than several years. We can guarantee it because every Room painter nyc, who works in our company, has the necessary skills and knowledge. Room painter nyc works with different types of paints. Here there are the most popular among them:

  • Epoxy and polyurethane paints. This is the best option for bathroom or kitchen. It has high durability and moisture resistance.
  • Semi-gloss and glossy paints are highly resistant too. Matte variations have a shorter lifespan. But you can choose this type of paints too, because our Room painter nyc uses only the most qualitative matte paints.
  • Latex paints. They are also durable. Latex paint is resistant to sunlight. They have high covering properties, they can not be erased and washed away for a long period of time.
  • Emulsion paints. They are absolutely non-toxic. Emulsion paints can dry quickly. This is the best option for children’s rooms. But they can not cover untreated metal or wallpaper. And our Room painter nyc knows the techniques how to apply it correctly.
  • Silicate paints. Here the binding agent is liquid potassium glass. It reacts with the composition that contains lime. The paint is considered to be a little bit more expensive than the paints mentioned above, but it is very resistant and easy to clean.


Also, our professional Room painter nyc always remembers about some special types of coatings, such as: special paints for wood, anti-corrosive agents, compositions which help to hide roughness, anti-mildew substances, etc.

Painting requires more careful preliminary treatment of the walls than preparing the surfaces for wallpapering. The reason is that the paint can’t hide the defects, because it creates only a thin layer.  Therefore, the smallest roughness will be noticeable. So, our professional Room painter nyc highlights the main stages of this process:

  •  Surface preparation. It  includes cleaning of the walls, removing the old coating, leveling, puttying, primering, grinding, etc.
  • Applying paint with roller, brush, sprayer or using some other methods. Working with these tools requires certain skills, especially for window and door openings. And we can claim that our Room painter nyc posses all necessary knowledge for it.
  • The process of drying.

 Our professional room painter NYC is able to create any effect by means of paints and varnishes: marble painting, artistic spray effect, natural wood.  All this will revitalize the room and bring a special highlight to it. So, entrust the painting of your room to our room painter nyc and we guarantee that you will not regret!


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We take your safety and peace of mind seriously. That’s why all of our interior NYC painters are background checked, licensed and insured. We also back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means we’re not done until you’re satisfied.

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